Meet the 2022 track captains

As the season begins, the girls track team is excited to announce their new captains for the 2022 track season.


Sydney Parker

The four captains for the track and field season are Sarah Benes, Samantha Sy, Sam Kempf and Julia Kraus.

As the season begins, the girls track team is excited to announce their new captains for the 2022 track season.

This year’s captains are senior Sarah Benes, senior Sam Kempf, senior Sam Sy and junior Julia Kraus. These captains have been running together since they were in middle school, and have a lot in store for the girls track team. They cannot wait to see how the season goes this year. 

Sarah Benes

Sydney Parker

Benes has been running for multiple years in two different sports, track and cross country, so she has a lot of background with running long and short distances. Benes wants the team to have a successful year, but most importantly, she wants the team to become tight. 

“I want to create a strong team bond,” Benes said. “With that strong bond across our team, there will come greater work ethic and enthusiasm to get better.”

Benes cannot wait to help the team become stronger, both individually and as a whole team. 


Sydney Parker

Sam Kempf

Kempf is super excited for this year’s track season, not only because she’s a captain, but because she sees a lot of potential in this season’s team. After hearing she was a captain, Kempf was very excited and proud of herself because she has worked so hard. 

“I have always worked hard and stayed involved with everything [the track team] has done, so I’d be a good role model for everyone else,” Kempf said. 

Kempf is looking forward to leading the girls to many victories.


Sydney Parker

Samantha Sy

Sy has been doing track for six years, but has been throwing shot put for five years. Sy is the only senior who throws shot put, so she is able to be a leader for new throwers. Sy has put tons of work into track and shot put itself, and is super excited to lead the team in a positive direction. 

“I hope that the girls will be inspired to keep doing track and inspire their future teammates, like I hope to do this season,” Sy said. 

Sy has many goals for the track team, and hopes she will make an impact on them this year.



Sydney Parker

Julia Kraus

Even though Kraus is a junior, she has been very dedicated to the sport. Kraus has put in so much work this past season, and it has shown. Kraus has shown up to almost all the open gyms over the season and gives it her all every practice. 

“My goal for the team this year is for everyone to improve the best they can,” Kraus said. 

Kraus also wants each runner to find an event they enjoy and can work their hardest at.