Self Care Becomes a Priority for a Healthy and Happy Life

Physical education teacher Jamie Walton shares her journey to a healthy life.


Sarah Smith

Physical education teacher Jamie Walton takes pride in her tremendous weight loss and improved lifestyle.

Self care creates a very healthy lifestyle. Viewing oneself as the most important person in a life helps boost confidence and happiness; for some people, this may be difficult to see. Physical education teacher Jamie Walton set herself a goal to become healthy in order to be able to feel this confidence and happiness.

“I didn’t set out to just lose weight,” Walton said. “I started this journey to become healthy and that is what I did.”

Walton’s journey to a healthy life began with a change in her schedule. She had always tried to exercise whenever she could, but eventually made it a priority and was soon working out six days a week. When time was limited, Walton made adjustments to her schedule to fit in her workout for the day.

“I made exercise a part of my daily routine,” Walton said. “Nothing wakes you up more than a 6 a.m. spin class.”

After adapting to her new and more frequent workout schedule, Walton focused on the things she was consuming. She did not change her diet, she only limited her serving sizes. After joining Weight Watchers, a popular weight loss program, she was more aware of what she was eating and drinking and how unhealthy some of these things were.

“I did not go on a diet,” Walton said. “Heck, last week I went to the local county fair where I live and ate a loaded baked potato, a pork chop on a stick and a funnel cake. However, I balance what I eat.”

Although exercise and nutritious foods create a healthier lifestyle, dedication and drive is what gets a person to where they want to be. Walton’s main focus was to become healthy, not to become thin, but weight loss came along with her hard work.

“Start small,” Walton said. “When you conquer one new habit, then add another one. Over time, small changes can make a big difference.”

Walton, with the support of fellow physical education teachers Marni Polakow and Julia Wieda, has made a great change in the way she lives her life and is continuing her journey of a healthy lifestyle day after day.