Sequoits Fall Short to the Bulldogs

The Antioch varsity boys soccer team played a hard match against Wauconda.

Cassidy Thomas

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As the varsity boys soccer team’s season is coming to a close, they suffered another loss against the Wauconda Bulldogs in their second to last conference game.

“The final score was 2-1 [Wauconda],” sophomore Aidan Trusky said. “Alex Keeler scored in the first half then Wauconda tied it up before halftime. Then they scored with about 20 minutes left in the second half. They are a good opponent and they play similar to us but we just couldn’t put it in.”

The Sequoits put forth great effort in battling the Bulldogs but came up short against their opponent. During practice, they are constantly making changes to their offense and defense to try and achieve success.

“Personally I feel the game definitely could have gone better on both offense and defense,” sophomore Trevor Niznik said. “We just need to work on a few things before we can look to win a game strategically.”

In recent games, communication has been a factor of the team’s success and will continue to be something they have to face especially in their upcoming game against Grant.

“For the next game, I feel that we will work on shooting and communicating so that everything will be put into place,” junior Adam Lynn said. “For the rest of the season, I feel that we just need to cut out the small mistakes and we will do well.”

Despite the score, many players agree that it was still a well-fought game and possibly one of the best in the season.

“Wauconda players are very physical but we managed to hold strong with them,” sophomore Elijah Ruano said. “We created good scoring opportunities offensively. Defensively we had a few slip-ups, but they are easily fixable. We played well as a team and there was a 100 percent effort from everyone during the whole game.”