The Vegan Controversy

To veg or not to veg? The vegan lifestyle continues to earn shining stars in the world of health and offends many pro-(veggie)life followers.


The Vegan Controversy

Veganism? Think a whole lot of leafy greens and *gasp* tofu. No, this diet is not just for the typical ‘70s hippy. The vegan lifestyle is taking the basic vegetarian and amping them up a couple notches, but proves to be even healthier than the latter. Whether in support for animal rights or to shed a couple pounds, vegans are taking a stand and gaining more followers by the moment. The most popular women in the entertainment industry, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres and Lea Michele to name a few, have given veggies a chance.

Along with almost every different diet and workout plan around, veganism has received major criticism. The real question is, why? A vegan diet, where all animal products are eliminated from one’s lifestyle, does no harm to any living, breathing thing, but continues to be “wrong.” With a society revolved around eating and placing meat on a pedestal, it is no shock that this polar opposite way of living is causing a fuss. According to the Huffington Post, vegetarians and vegans live approximately eight years longer than those that eat meat or animal products. Less McDonald’s burgers equals a long life, but is it worth it?

With Whole Foods popping up on every street corner and organic fruits and vegetables becoming readily available, it is easier for any person to become vegan, but the real trouble is starting. The first step, elimination, is most difficult because the typical person’s diet is not accustomed to clean eating. Commonly, vegans find a source of motivation, whether that is saving an animal’s life or becoming healthier in general.

This controversy is only controversial because of it’s uniqueness in today’s carnivorous society. Next time a vegan is sitting at your lunch table, do not question their plate, but instead, take a look at yours.