Antioch Looks Hopeful After Win Over Westosha Central

The Sequoits trample over the Falcons, resulting in a prominent outlook towards season.

Tyler Cook

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January 28, 2022

The varsity boys soccer team continued their winning season with a 4-0 shutout against Westosha Central on September 9. With two goals from both sophomores Brock Jurinek and Remigijus Ivanovas, it was clear early on that the Sequoits would come out on top. This brings the boys’ record to 5-1 and they hope to carry this winning mentality into all their future games.

After an upsetting season last year, the team is happy to be coming back with a strong start to, what they hope will be, an all around great season.

“As a team, we want to become better and win more in comparison to last year’s varsity team,” sophomore Victor Manke said. “They are constantly stressing the importance of leaving a legacy at Antioch along with doing the best that we can in order to leave a name for ourselves.”

With another win in the books, it’s starting to look as though a great legacy is exactly what this team may leave. The team is quite happy with how they’ve played so far and looks forward to playing their style game. As well, they plan to fight their way through the ranks of their conference in hopes to leave their mark behind.

“There are many things I hope to pass on,” junior Aidan Trusky said. “Things such as hard work and understanding the game mentality are two important skills which I hope the underclass can continue.”

For Trusky, there are new responsibilities such as being an upperclassman and being a three-year varsity player. He is excited to help lead the underclassman and be someone younger players can look up to.

With leaders on the team showing many of the players the ropes and how to tackle certain aspects of the game, there’s many other things that continue to motivate this team to be the best it can be: the winning team the entire school always knew it could be. For some players, however, this motivation and strong willed competition is a bit different.

“My brother and I don’t really have a rivalry,” sophomore Daxton Foote said. “We are always cheering each other on which ends up helping our chemistry as a team.”

No matter what the reason, the boys soccer team looks like they always bring their bests game, so it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last you’ll see of our outstanding Sequoit soccer players, and you can catch them at their next game at 6:15 on September 12 at home.