Fall Festivities Create Opportunities for Adventure

Various activities are available for students to enjoy during the fall season.


Sarah Smith

Fall colors and weather brings fun activities and positive moods.

Many teenagers enjoy the season change due to the wide variety of fun and delicious things that come with the change of weather. The fall season is a very eventful time of the year that includes pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween parties, corn mazes and sweater weather.

There are many activities that are available during the fall, such as haunted houses, corn mazes, apple picking and Homecoming. Some people consider this season the best time of the year. Making the most of the fall season is very important for many students because of the short lasting and comfortable weather, fun events and delicious food and drink options that are made especially for this time of year.

Along with many other high school students, junior Adalia Tate loves the fall season and all that comes with it.

“With fall comes pretty colors, football games, homecoming and reuniting with friends and classmates,” Tate said. “The fall is better than other seasons because of the fun activities that are going on around the school.”

One thing students like about the fall is the cozy and comfortable weather that allows leggings and sweaters to be worn daily. However, style is not the only thing that changes during this time of the year. Many foods and drinks become more popular during this time as well. This includes pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween candy, cider and many more options.

These activities, styles and foods make for a fun and enjoyable season, so don’t let this fall go to waste. Let the fall festivities begin!