iFASHION: Stepping into 2016 With Style

Hipster shoe styles have taken over the fashion industry for the new year, leading to the popularity of leather footwear for both men and women.

As the cold weather starts to kick in this season, classy and hipster styles have become the new fad in both men’s and women’s footwear.

Although it is known that women’s fashion trends change frequently, men’s apparel has taken a turn in the last year, promoting the hipster, street-style looks resembling those of the 1940’s. Some of the various shoe styles showing up around the school and community include Oxford, Timberland and bean boots. These leather bound shoes are not only awarded for their classiness, but their enhancement to the preppy school looks taken over by so many today while paired with collared shirts, cardigans and cuffed jeans.

Another aspect of popular men’s shoes includes the athletic wear and striking appearances of Nike and Adidas sneakers throughout the incoming styles. During the past year and in the upcoming year of 2016, men’s shoes are going from modernized, simpleton comfort to classy, urbanized style.

As a result of such a change in style with men’s shoes, women’s footwear was bound to bring a transpired outlook for the new year. With the change of season occurring, some of the many unique trends being set forth in women’s shoe fashion include oxfords, ankle boots and riding boots. Most of these are leather, or mimic the street style fashion that leather brings to an outfit.

On the other hand, rain boots have joined the everyday look while being matched with jeans, light jackets, and statement necklaces. These not only show sleekness in an outfit, but are durable, warm and provide protection from the extreme winters faced in the Midwest.

Whether it is leather Oxfords or Hunter boots, both men’s and women’s shoes enhance the everyday outfits portrayed around the world and are important factors in the current fashion styles of 2016.