iFashion: Wrapping Up the Winter With Ponchos and Blanket Scarves

Ponchos and blanket scarves are creating a comeback this year, revealing their unique comfort and style in upcoming spring fashion.

As the last few months of winter approach, blanket scarves and ponchos fill the sidewalks of every downtown area, promoting comfort and style through their bulky materials and vivid colors.  

Ponchos, coming in various colors, stripes and patterns evoke warmth and protection during the frigid cold days of the midwest. Similar to a dress, a poncho covers the whole upper part of the body as it is draped over the shoulders and hangs low over the arms. With a shirt underneath, a poncho offers loose protection, easing comfort into any fall, winter, or spring day.

“I just like how warm and cozy the are,” said Senior Anna Locklear. “They keep me looking cute without having to try hard.”

With their long, dress-like cardigan looks, ponchos are paired well with leggings, jeans and neutral colored pants, exhibiting both relaxation and boldness with their rare shades and designs. They can also be found in an assortment of styles such as bright and mellow colors, stripes, plaid, and uncommon symbols and patterns.

Similarly, the added accessory of a blanket scarf can reveal a unique flare to any outfit and protect the face from frigid climates. With a double use, a blanket scarf can be worn around the neck paired with a sweater, neutral shirt and skinny jeans, or as a blanket, wrapped around your shoulders and waist in a loose form.

“I like to wear them especially in the fall and winter so I can always keep my neck warm,” said Locklear.

Plaid stripes, bold color schemes and stringed fringes are some of the many special features offered by both of these accessories. With their unique patterns and endless options, blanket scarves and ponchos can be found at most stores, including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People.

This trend, though it has popped up here and there among the past several years, has not made a full comeback until this past fall, making it a unique style that everyone can try. Whether you wrap it around your neck on a chilly walk down the street or use it as an extra layer of warmthScarf 2IMG_20160218_155109 in the midst of a snowstorm, the blanket scarf and poncho are versatile accessories that add flare to countless outfits and create easy access to warmth and comfort.