Riedel Tees up for Senior Season

Golf is often underrated by today’s society. The level of skill and focus it takes to be competitive in the sport is enormous. Alex Riedel is one of the athletes that plays this sport at Antioch Community High School.

Last year the boys’ season ended with final record of 8-5-1. The head coach, Andrew Benton, was pleased with the team’s results at the end of the season.

Riedel had many wins and losses but one of the greatest individual achievements of the season was winning a place at regionals.

“I think that Alex is an amazing captain, he really knows how to keep the team’s hopes up even in the darkest times,” senior Anthony Sertic said. “Alex definitely deserves to be our team captain; we couldn’t have a better leader.”

Riedel’s father was the one who taught him how to play golf when he was only eight years old. After only a couple of minutes of actual play, Riedel immediately knew that this was the sport for him and continued to play throughout his childhood all the way to high school.

Riedel ended his season last year on a good note, being appointed as the team captain for the second year in a row by Benton.

“Alex is a fantastic leader for the team,” Benton said. “He’s very approachable which makes it good for the new freshmen. A good team captain does not necessarily need to be the best player on the team; they need to be someone to look up to.”

Alex has accomplished what most are unable to do. He showed his skills, he proved himself worthy of a spot on the varsity team and he earned not only Benton’s trust, but the trust of his team to lead them in all practices and matches.

“I like being able to lead my teammates and show them the way to handle themselves on and off the course,” Riedel said. “It truly is an honor to lead such a great group of people.”

The Sequoits plan on having one of their best season this year and hope to see lots of improvement on their performance and ability to act as a team. With Riedel leading them for the second year in a row, the team has a very good chance of performing even better than they did last year.