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Say Hello to the New Fall Fashion 

The seasons are changing from summer to autumn, fashion trends are following close behind.
Fiona Serifov
Sophomore Neo Uy shows off his own personal fall style that represents his uniqueness just by his clothing.

The fashion world has brought many different trends throughout the year; trends that stick and some that disappear right away. This fall may bring new styles, and others may regain popularity.

According to Vogue’s 2020 fall magazine, stay-at-home and being comfy mixed with a business casual look is this year’s style.

Blazers and long coats are big for fall, according to Vogue. Pairing a long coat or a blazer with jeans and some heels is another popular look. It can be a very bold yet very casual look.

Some other types of styles that may be appearing this fall are vintage and 90s. Even though these styles are returning and not brand new, they can still be new ways to improve one’s fashion.

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An oversized cardigan or jacket with a turtleneck underneath paired with mom jeans and Doc Martens is a very popular outfit.

Sweaters can be a great fall piece because they add a cozy feeling while still being cute. Pairing sweaters with mom jeans or any type of pants is a basic, but vintage look. Sophomore Neo Uy likes to dress comfortable and classy all at the same time.

“My favorite type of clothing to wear is just a sweater and pants,” Uy said.“It is what is most comfortable for me.”

The hardest part about new styles, for some people, is finding inspiration. Sophomore Izzy Gonzalez likes to keep up with the new fashion trends and finds a bunch of inspirations. 

“I normally find my inspiration off of social media,” Gonzalez said.

Finding inspiration for a new style can be a struggle. Some people look to social media influencers when it comes to finding a new style.

“Emma Chamberlain, Addy Tharp and Ann Herondale- they each have big platforms,” Gonzalez said. 

Those with big platforms may show off their outfits and styles for others to see, and some people may be able to replicate influencers’ fashion choices in their closet. Since fall is approaching, lots of stores and fashion designers are busy selling and creating new styles. Fall 2020 is right around the corner, so one may consider changing their style to prepare for new trends.

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Sydney Parker
Sydney Parker, Sports Writing Editor
Sydney Parker is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. In her free time, Parker is either spending time with her friends or shopping. Parker plays travel softball, but is also on the school’s golf team and track and field team.
Fiona Serifov
Fiona Serifov, Tom Tom Staff
Fiona Serifov is a senior and has been on staff for three years. In her free time, she enjoys cheering with the Antioch varsity team, reading, writing, hanging out with her friends and family and above all drinking coffee. Fun fact, she is also Miss Antioch 2022.
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