The Best Day to Go to the Mall

You can go to the mall any day during the week, but it’s usually easier to shop when it is less crowded.

Haley Aitken

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Haley Aitken

The best time to go to the mall is during the week because on the weekend, it gets very busy.

People usually want to go to the mall and not be there all day. They usually just want to find what they’re looking for and leave, but that is very hard to do when the mall is packed and there is no room to walk because of how many people are there. Going to the mall on a weekday is your best option because most adults are at work, rather than the weekend when everyone is home.

Most teenagers go to the mall to spend time with friends and shop, but others will only go on certain days because they don’t want to deal with crowds. For sophomore Alyssa Colpaert, crowds don’t matter and she will do anything to have a good time with friends.

“I like going to the mall whenever, or more often on the weekends because it gives you something to do with friends,” Colpaert said. “I would prefer going on a day when it’s less crowded because it gives you a better chance of finding cute clothes.”

The weekend is when most teenagers are free and looking for something to do with friends. Most adults are also free on weekends, but don’t have the patience to deal with big crowds and would rather wait to do their shopping on a weekday. 

“I like going to the mall on the weekends because that is the only time I am free,” Kiara Morris said. “If there happens to be a day where the mall is too crowded, then my friends and I will find something else to do.”

Everyone prefers different days to go to the mall and it also depends on their daily schedule. The mall is less crowded during the weekdays and is usually packed on the weekends but that doesn’t always stop people from shopping.