Change of Weather and Change of Clothing

During the transition of seasons, some people may change their style and what they chose to wear.

Haley Aitken

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Lots of people are commonly found wearing jeans and a sweater during the fall and winter.

As the seasons start to change, so do the clothing trends. In the summer, people are commonly found wearing shorts or sandals, but with the weather changing to colder temperatures, people are bringing out their sweaters and boots.


In the summer, people are often found wearing stylish headbands or baseball caps. As the becomes colder, many choose to wear beanies or fashionable winter hats to keep their head warm.

“I love hats and all the different cute styles,” freshman Faith Lacerba said. “Hats also keep my head and ears very warm.”


Sandals and Birkenstocks were a hit this summer and many people liked to wear them to spice up their outfits. In the winter, some prefer to wear boots to help themselves feel the winter atmosphere. 

“I love wearing boots because they keep my feet super warm,” sophomore Reese Mercer said. “I also like the way they look with certain outfits.”


Lots of people like to wear sweaters during the fall and winter seasons. There are also some people who like to wear fashionable winter coats when they go out.

“I love wearing a sweater and jeans if I want to dress nicely that day,” sophomore Kaitlyn Bargamian said. “They look nice with anything and they’re super warm.”

Clothing trends slowly start to change along with the weather, which also affects how people choose to dress. Everyone has different preferences on how they like to dress and what they like to wear depending on each season.