Sequoits Fall To Round Lake

The varsity boys take a hard loss against the Round Lake Panthers 9-0.

On September 7, the boy’s varsity soccer team went on the road to play against Round Lake. They ended up facing a hard and consistent team. The Sequoits dealt with a lot of adversity and were not able to come out with the win, but did come out as more improved and with more knowledgeable players.

“The game was a bit frustrating to say the least,” senior Christian Ortiz said. “Round Lake came into the game with massive amounts of energy and were just more mentally prepared than us.”  

The team came into the game with high hopes and was prepared to play a hard game.

“Personally, I felt that it was not my best game because I was not communicating with the defense as much as I should have,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz admitted his faults and tried to work harder in the second half to fix all of his mistakes but the Sequoits still fell to the Round Lake Panthers 9-0.

“We have to work together as a team and communicate more about the athletes on the field and focus in more,” Ortiz said.

The Sequoits played to the very last second of the game but it wasn’t enough get the win. They will not let this loss affect their season and will carry on to their next game after they learn from their mistakes.