Sequoits Fall Short Against Rivals

The Sequoits played a hard game against the Eagles but ended up falling short 2-0.

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Junior Micheal Espitia gets the ball and forces it up to the forwards to continue the attack.

Julia Murillo

Junior Micheal Espitia gets the ball and forces it up to the forwards to continue the attack.

The Sequoits faced the Lakes Eagles yesterday afternoon and right from the start they came out with determination and a will to win. As the game was both solid offensively and defensively, both teams being very evenly matched, the boys defense had a challenging time with Lakes’ attacks on goal.

“We need to work on closing on our man and closing harder on the ball in our next games,” senior captain Gabriel Tijerina said.

The boys were able to hold their ground, keeping the Eagles to a score of 0-0 during the first 40 minutes of the game. As the game went into the second half, the boys kicked into high gear. Junior Alex Keeler had a few strong breakaways towards the goal throughout the second, however these attempts were stopped by the Lakes goalie.

Later in the second half, the Eagles went down the field and received a free kick just outside the Sequoits’ box. The Eagles ran a set play and scored the free kick, making the score 1-0. The Eagles added on to their lead with a shot outside of the box to get past the Sequoits’ keeper. After this second goal, the Sequoits struggled to come back.

“We had some possession passes to our forwards, but most of our passes were too long,” Tijerina said.

The Sequoits have a record of 5-9-2 and the boys have four more games left in their regular season. The team waits as they are seated in their pool for their regional games. The Sequoits’ next game will be on Saturday, September 30 at Hampshire High School.